Mathematics of Networks 6th Meeting (29th June 2007)

The meeting was be held at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College London.

This meeting is part of a series of meetings on this topic --- there is also a mailing list mainly for information about these meetings. If you are interested in attending please join the mailing list.

Thanks to Miguel Rio of the Networks and Services Research Group at UCL for acting as host for this meeting.

Speakers and abstracts

11:00-11:30Arrival and coffee
11:30-12:15 Richard Clegg (UCL) Markov modelling for queues of internet traffic (abstract) (presentation PDF)
12:15-1:00Rashid Mehmood (Swansea) Continuous time Markov chains (abstract) (presentation PDF) Related links: 1 2
1:00-2:00 Lunch
2:00-2:45 Xiaolong Jin and Geyong Min (Bradford) Performance Modelling of A Hybrid Scheduling Scheme under Self-Similar Network Traffic (abstract) (presentation PDF)
2:45-3:30Nigel Walker (BT) Lyapunov convergence for Lagrangian models of network control (abstract) (presentation PDF)
3:30-4:00Coffee Break
4:00-4:45 Arie Koster (Warwick) Two-layer network design by discrete optimization (abstract) (presentation PDF)
4:45-5:30Raul Mondragon (QMUL) Optimal networks, congestion and Braess' paradox (abstract) (presentation PDF)
6:00 End of conference and drinks at nearby hostelry

Confirmed Attendees

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