MoN13 2014: Thirteenth Mathematics of Networks meeting – Imperial College London

The thirteenth Mathematics of Networks meeting took place on Wednesday 10th September 2014 at Imperial College in London. Thanks to Tim Evans for acting as local organiser. MoN13 was supported by the EPSRC UK Network on Emergence and Physics far from equilibrium.

Attending Mathematics of Networks

Registration is now closed but to ask about future MoN meetings please contact Richard G. Clegg and mailto:keith.briggst_at_bt_dot_com. To receive updates on this meeting or to hear about future meetings in the series, please join the mailing list.

Talk slides

The talk slides and abstracts are linked from this timetable.

Session 1: The structure of networks
11:15 Michael T. Schaub (Imperial) Structure of complex networks: Quantifying edge-to-edge relations… (Abstract PDF) (Slides PDF)
12:00 Massimiliano Zanin (The Innaxis Foundation) Multi-layer functional networks: have we got the basics right? (Abstract) (Slides PDF) (Hi Res slides, Dropbox link)
Session 2: Networks of human activity
13:45 Federico Battiston (QMUL) Structural measures for multiplex networks (Abstract) (Slides PDF)
14:15 Valerio Ciotti (QMUL) Homophily and social dependence: Revisiting mechanisms of tie creation in social networks (Abstract)
14:45 Pietro Panzarasa (QMUL) Simmelian brokerage and social capital: Reconciling social cohesion and structural holes (Abstract) (Slides PDF)
15:15 Moreno Bonaventura (QMUL) Interdisciplinarity and specialisation: Roads to scientific success (Abstract) (Slides PDF)
Session 3: Language networks
16:00 Dario Papavassiliou (Warwick) The evolutionary network of the Germanic languages (Abstract) (Slides PDF)
16:45 James Clough (Imperial) What is the dimension of citation space? (Abstract PDF) (Slides PDF)

About Mathematics of Networks

Mathematics of Networks is an informal series of meetings that has now been running for eleven years. It encourages interdisciplinary communication in networking research. It is an excellent venue for presenting new ideas or gaining a wider audience for established research. Presentations on any aspect of networking are welcomed, particularly if the techniques or conclusions are applicable in other networking disciplines. Slides and information from previous meetings are available.


Confirmed participants

Contact: Keith Briggs (mailto:keith.briggs_at_bt_dot_com) or Richard G. Clegg (