MoN14 2015: Fourteenth Mathematics of Networks meeting – Oxford University

The 14th Mathematics of Networks meeting (MoN14) took place at Oriel College, University of Oxford, on Monday 21st September 2015. Thanks to Justin Coon for acting as local host for MoN14.

The meeting was in conjunction with the new EPSRC funded project entitled ’Spatially Embedded Networks’ led by Justin Coon (Oxford) and Carl Dettmann (Bristol). The theme of this MoN was Spatially Embedded Networks (overview of project).

About Mathematics of Networks

MoN is an informal series of meetings that has now been running since 2003. The series encourages interdisciplinary communication in networking research. It is an excellent venue for presenting new ideas or gaining a wider audience for established research. Presentations on any aspect of networking are welcomed, particularly if the techniques or conclusions are applicable in other networking disciplines. Attendance is free of cost.

Information and slides from previous meetings is available.

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MoN14 abstracts and slides

The talk slides and abstracts are linked from this timetable.

Justin Coon (Oxford) Entropy of random geometric graphs abstract slides (PDF)
Carl Dettmann, Orestis Georgiou (Bristol) Border effects in ad-hoc networks abstract slides part 1 (PDF) | slides part 2 (Powerpoint)
James Clough, Tim Evans (Imperial) Networks embedded in Lorentzian spaces abstract (PDF) slides (PDF)
Garvin Haslett (Southampton) Planar growth generates scale free networks abstract slides (PDF)
Jingyan Yu (Leeds) Modelling the evolution of road networks abstract slides (PDF) | slides (PPT)
Florian Klimm (Oxford) Individual nodeʼs contribution to the mesoscale of complex networks abstract slides (PDF)
Matt J Williams (UCL/Birmingham) Spatio­temporal complex networks: reachability, centrality, and robustness abstract slides (PDF)


Registered participants

Contact: Keith Briggs (mailto:keith.briggs_at_bt_dot_com) or Richard G. Clegg (