MoN15 2016: Fifteenth Mathematics of Networks meeting– University of Bath

The 15th Mathematics of Networks meeting (MoN15) took place at the University of Bath, on Friday 23rd September 2016 hosted by the Centre for Networks and Collective Behaviour. Thanks to Jonathan Dawes and Antal Járai for acting as local hosts for MoN15. The theme of this MoN was dynamic processes on networks.

About Mathematics of Networks

MoN is an informal series of meetings that has now been running since 2003. The series encourages interdisciplinary communication in networking research. It is an excellent venue for presenting new ideas or gaining a wider audience for established research. Presentations on any aspect of networking are welcomed, particularly if the techniques or conclusions are applicable in other networking disciplines. Attendance is free of cost.

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Attending Mathematics of Networks

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MoN15 abstracts and slides

The talk slides and abstracts are linked from this timetable.

11:10-11:50 Tiago de Paula Peixoto (Bath): Efficient Bayesian inference of multi-scale network structures (abstract) (slides PDF)
11:50-12:30 Orestis Georgiou (Toshiba): Algebraic connectivity of keyhole random geometric graphs (abstract)
14:00-14:40 Pete Pratt and Kostas Koufos (Bristol) : How does mobility affect the connectivity and temporal correlation of interference in ad hoc networks? (abstract) (slides PDF)
14:40-15:20 Jamie Fairbrother (Lancaster): A network-based integer program for physical cell identifier assignment in 4G (abstract) (slides PDF)
15:20-15:40 Amy Middleton (Bath): Comparison of methods for estimating distance of nearest transmitter (abstract) (slides PDF)
16:10-16:50 Philip Tee (Sussex): The role of graph entropy and constraints on fault localization and structure evolution in data networks (abstract) (slides PDF)
16:50-17:30 Alonso Espinosa Mireles de Villafranca (Bristol): Static traffic assignment with altruistic and selfishly routed vehicles (abstract) (slides PDF)


Registered participants

Contact: Keith Briggs (mailto:keith.briggs_at_bt_dot_com) or Richard G. Clegg (